Best And Worst Video Game Sequels

Blogging / Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Red Crucible 2: Reborn Currently on Steam’s Early Access, this indie action shooter takes place during an alternate world where World War 3 happened. Make use of the game’s wide array of advanced weaponry and compete with your friends from around the globe It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.21 Pummel Party Destroy friendships in this 4 player indie party game of the absurd. Packed with various minigames bring in your absurd weapon of choice and play with it however you please. There can only be one winner. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.26 Creed: Rise To Glory Before we see its upcoming sequel this November, experience Creed at its fullest in this VR boxing game. Use either HTC or Oculus to engage in frenetic toe-to-toe battles with players from around the world. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.26 Find anything you like? You can get these games by using the links provided in our description box. Additionally, you can watch me and the whatoplay gang play the latest games at our new gameplay channel whatoplay live by clicking this:

Destiny 2: Forsaken The latest expansion from Bungie’s ambitious sci-fi shooter. Enter new locations, face new enemies, AND unlock new abilities and weapons. The lawless region of The Tangled Shore awaits you in a treasure hunting experience. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.29 Timespinner Save your family from getting murdered as you travel back through time. Change fate itself in this beautifully crafted story-driven metroidvania adventure from Chucklefish. Fight against the empire that robbed you of a life, as the game receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.34 360 No Scope Arena An arena multiplayer shooter where memes and anime are life. Even the game’s title isn’t taking itself seriously. Every kill in this arena should be handled in 360 No Scope fashion, so basically every shot is a kill shot. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.49 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age Embark on a whole new perilous adventure in this cel-shaded JRPG from Square Enix. Echoes brings you into a massive world packed with a good story and an engaging turn-based combat. It has a PlayScore of 8.51

Assetto Corsa: Competizione Recreating the performance and the driving experience of the real Blancpain GT Series, this latest Assetto Corsa game is refined to the very core. Witness photorealistic graphics, dynamic weather, and high quality car models. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.60 Zup! Zero 2 A sequel to the minimalistic puzzle game with explosions. From developer Quiet River, enjoy over 60 levels as you keep the blue ball on the platform for 3 seconds. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.72 Love’s Sweet Garnish Revitalize your grandmother’s cafe in this indie-anime visual novel from Sekai Project. WARNING: There is nudity and sexual content. We have no idea how it made it to our list, but oh well. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.93 Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Microsoft’s Disney and Pixar adventure invites you to a world where all your favorite films team up.