Game Of Thrones – All the dragon scenes from season 1-7

Blogging / Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Dragons eggs Daenerys from the shadow lands beyond Pages have turned them to stone, but they will always be beautiful Thank You Magister they ever seen a dragon dragon gone Khaleesi Everywhere even in the east no dragon brave man killed him the Dragons come from the moon the moon He told me the moon is an egg one wandered too close to the Sun and it cracked from the heat Out of it poured a thousand thousand dragons and they drank the sun’s fire moon is goddess wife of Sun Why did the trader from Qarth tell you these stories? Men like to talk when they’re happy. How old were you I was nine when my mother sold me to the pleasure house nine. I Did not touch a man for three years Khaleesi. Can you teach me how to make the Khal happy?

Yes Will it take three years? Your heart she truly is a queen today They don’t belong to you whatever is hers is also mine If I saw one egg I’ll have enough to buy a ship two eggs a ship and an army And you have all three I need a large army who can rule without wealth or fear or love? You stand there all nobility and honor You can go You can’t have the eggs Does loyalty mean nothing to you? It means everything to me and yet here you stand And yet here I stand Sell them You can return to the Free Cities and live as a wealthy woman for all your days they were not given to me to sell I Am the Dragons daughter and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming What did your brother say about them Khaleesi he said they meet my brother didn’t have anything about dragons They didn’t know anything about anything She was Drogo’s first gift to me I remember Promised to protect them you must be their strength Missy my mind is it ever end? This is further east than I’ve ever been.

But yes Khaleesi everything ends. Even the Red Waste And you’re sure there’s no other way we go west to the Dothraki sea the first khalasar we meet Will kill us and take your dress. No one will take my dragons sheriff colors your iogic Roboto Fishy Arabic Asia. We are da teef my herb Asha. Teeth my Asha tea They’ll be able to feed himself from now on The copper King offers me a single Ship on the condition as I lie with him for a night when I came to this city. I Had nothing truly nothing, I Slept by the docks today.

I am the richest man in CAF Do you think the path from poverty to wealth is always pure and honorable and Here I am with no regrets Father gates bring the boat slowly Khaleesi Where are they Wow my dragons They’re my children I’m begging you without to me the Dragons will die it will be for the best Your dragons will bring the world nothing but death and misery my dear mother of dragons is in the right She must be reunited with her babies I will take you to the house of the undying where I have put them and I learned you were coming to our city I made an arrangement with the king of Qarth He procured them for me Qarth cannot remain the greatest city that ever was if it refuses to change I will open Qarth to the world Three dragons the size of cats and an alliance with a charlatan do not make you a king Those on the margins often come to control the center and those in the center make room for them Mother of dragons will be with her babies She will give them our love forever Food records wait for you in the house of the undying Careful Khaleesi Xaro owns this city and the Warlocks have 1,000 eyes watching for you a ship with a good captain She leaves for a stupor tomorrow We cannot stay here. They have my dragons they call you the mother of dragons, and I know you love them You didn’t grow them in your womb and this up let your breasts they are dragons Khaleesi. But if we stay in Qarth, we’ll die You know I would die for you. I Will never abandon you I’m sworn to protect you to serve they deserve me and take me down. That’s what the wall at once He told you so himself if you enter that place you will never leave again You saw me step into the fire.

You watch the witch burden. What are the flames do to me? Do you remember I May have any children I Want to be with you.

Do you want to be with them and your dragons were born? Our magic was born again. It is strongest in their presence And they are strongest in yours Just a thousand thousand seasons You will be with them and we will be with you until tiny comes to an end Welcome home. And that is John borne My home is across the sea where my people are waiting for me Dracarys Khaleesi, please.

He said you’d never leave Qarth alive common Thank you Zara’s oh and Doc’s us Thank you for teaching me this lesson king of Qarth. I can help you now, truly le We can take the Iron Throne It’s all a lie, it’s real enough to me really enough to buy a shit The small ship master dry Maliki was kind Ruling class I can’t wait that long I Need an army oh Did this one’s ears miss here your grace they did not There are 8,000 unsullied in Astapor. Is this what you mean by all? Yes? 8000 and the ones still in training as well, so they cannot sell half-trained boys.

I will have them all or take none Many will fall in battle. I’ll need the boys to pick up the sword the ship will buy you 100 unsullied the goals you have Is worth 10 Good master kraznys will give you 20 The Dothraki you have are not worth what they cost to feed But master kraznys will give you three unsullied how you propose to pay for the remaining Seven thousand eight hundred and seventy seven unsullied I have dragons I’ll give you one egg one dog one why? They want the biggest one done I’ll take you as well now Even master kraznys gift to me a dragon is worth more than any army Aegon Targaryen proved that if you ever questioned me in front of strangers again, you’ll be advising someone else The master says they are untested you would be wise to blood them early Is it done then they belong to me Salaries as Gustavus goes down earlier unique a tire is still much more into Gary. Oh, let’s rock in veneer away Kohana. Garlic Sun Valley real moon. Ewing was new easy Sentimental Santa’s Kilani Records Now comes the noble Rebbe down of that ancient Ancient and glorious is yunkai.

Our Empire was old before dragons shall find no easy conquest here Khaleesi Tis true you have committed savageries in Astapor, but the yunkai are a forgiving and generous people There is far more than this awaiting you on the deck of your ship all we ask is that you make use of these ships Sail them back to Westeros. Where you belong I have a gift for you as well Your life my life and the lives of your wise masters, but you will release every slave in yunkai Project this gift and I shall show you no mercy You swore me safe conduct I did but my dragons made no promises You gave it’s me remember and I shall put it to good use you’d be wise to do the same with my gift to you Now get out We’ll come your grace when they’re ready people learn to love their chains What does it mean She’s old Cardy Khaleesi. It means mother. Alright People way too happy United about You’ll never be tamed Miasha atra It’s your dragons he says they came this morning for his flock, but now he has nothing Tell us man, I’m sorry for his hardship – he has paid their value three times Gerrae here Does he answer his dodge Alya bend us measure AG that my father one of meereen’s most respected And beloved citizens oversaw the restoration and maintenance of its greatest landmarks be honored to meet him. You have your grace You crucified Him Your father crucified innocent Children my father spoke out against crucifying those children I’m sorry, you no longer have a father but my treatment of the Masters was no crime You’d be wise to remember that my father and 162 noble. Meereenese are still nailed to those posts carrion for vultures your grace I asked that you order these men taken down so that they might receive proper burials and what of the slave children these noble Meereenese Crucified I can only speak to you as a son who loved his father Let me take his body down Bury your father started owner Approach my friend she find yourself This joy young mother he came from the sky black one when she does Sebastian you came from the sky and I see her throw her on the tox town It is purely selfish out of War II zombie honey Provost cornea Valerio te jnanam as Abbas Miss Ariane Rago The leaders of each of meereen’s great families and bring them to me give these Daily driven Email looks vey straight answer SEPA javi Ronnie, you know, Drogheda On the side follow me We have to go home Does it hurt can you take me back to Murray?

How far did you kind of me we need to return my people need me Well, there’s no food the very least you get kinda some supper What about the Dragons we have to chew over them, yeah beneath the pyramid they’re not eating They haven’t touched any food since Queen Daenerys left dragons do not do well in captivity. How do you know this? That’s what I do. I Drink and I know things started changing them up in pens Few generations later lost dragons no larger than cats sandé How many times were you in the company of these dragons? many times Dragons are intelligent More intelligent than men according to some masters They have affection for their friends.

I am their friend do they know that they will? Here’s ahem Don’t eat the help When I was child and uncle asked what gift I wanted for my nameday. My father told me Love dragon had died But here you are Next time I have an idea like that punch me in the face Has drawn us ischemia City Jail activity here a service or I was wrong. I admit it The only solid could mount a defense off the beachhead if the slave is almost forcing from you You’re talking gave us this what should the army do we will not go to the beach If we go to the beach the Masters would take the pyramid The pyramid is the only place in the city we can defend we stay here Speight appearances, I think you’ll find the cities on the rock the cities on the rise marine is strong Commerce has returned to the markets. The people are behind you the monsters cannot Marine succeed Because if marine succeeds it proves that no one needs a master Good I will set their fleets of fire kill every last one of those soldiers. He once told me you knew what your father was Did you know his plans for King’s Landing when the Lannister armies were at his gates?

So he told my brother and Jaime told me He had caches of wildfire Hidden under the red keep he would have burned every one of his citizens This is entirely different talking about destroying cities like to suggest an alternate approach Flea slavers Bay on foot Like the beggar Queen you are we are here to discuss terms of surrender Not to trade insults the unsullied you stole from kraznys Mona Klaus will remain to be sold again to the highest bidder the dragons beneath The great pyramid will be slaughtered We obviously didn’t communicate clearly we had to discuss your surrender your reign is over My reign has just begun A z-score those believers. I see more or less see Jim see Dory your input Thank you for your model our queen does love ships though, our queen does have a forgiving nature this Cannot be forgiven our queen insists that one of you must die him He should die. Yes him. He’s not one of us.

He’s an outsider. Lowborn Tell your people what happened here when they come forward with notions of retribution or ideas about returning the slave cities to their former glory Remind them what happened Shall we begin you ever been down here? Great. No, I can’t say I have I Haven’t seen these since Robert had them removed.

They were his trophies. He couldn’t keep them around. They were made him look too small Sometimes he would come down here and look at them Allari on the dred porch the iron throne and brought the Seven Kingdoms to heal Powerful But not infants one of Daenerys his dragons was wounded by Spears in the fighting pits they can be killed Finest art elitism blacksmiths and Kings Landing have been laboring day and night if you can’t blow that fever The bastard of Winterfell Dwarf of Casterly Rock believe you lost those either atop the wall.

You were pissing off the edge if I remember, right? Picked up some scars along the road. I’m Tyrion Lannister.

That was Seaworth the onion night Because I’m opposite sides at the Battle of Blackwater Bay Luckily for me. Welcome to Dragonstone. Our queen knows this is a long journey. She appreciates the efforts you have made on her behalf If he wouldn’t mind handing over your weapons In Sun sir, I hear she’s alive and well she is sham marriage and unconsummated I didn’t ask well was it wasn’t any man?

Much smarter than she lets on at some point. They want to hear how a Night’s Watch reproof became King in the north As long as you tell me how a Lannister became hand to Daenerys Targaryen My bannermen think of a fool’s ago, yeah, of course they do That was your hand. I would have advised against it, but I’m not a stark I’d say you get used to them, but you never really do Come I came down here to brood over my failure to predict the Greyjoy attack you look a lot better brooding than I do You make me feel like I’m failing at brooding over fairy I’m a prisoner of a free to walk the castle the beaches to go wherever you want except to my ship the dead are coming for us all why don’t you figure out what to do about my missing fleet and murdered allies and I’ll figure out what to do about your walking dead. Men.

You probably don’t believe me. I Do actually the Mormont saw them and you saw them and I trust the eyes of an honest man more than I trust what everybody Knows I need to help prepare my people for what’s coming? I Can’t help them from the air.

Everyone told me to learn from my father’s mistakes. Don’t go south Don’t answer a summons from the mad Kings daughter a foreign invader northern food children are not their fathers luckily for all of us Food heiress could have served for Westeros long ago But she didn’t he said she stayed where she was and saved many people from horrible States She’s not about to head north fight an enemy. She’s never seen on the word of a man.

She doesn’t know after a single meeting It’s not a reasonable thing to ask. So, do you have anything reasonable to ask? Dragonglass, yes, what kind of clothes we just lost two of our allies which is why I was speaking to Jon Snow a potential ally Apparently it can be turned into weapons that kill White Walkers and their third soldiers and what do you think about this? army of the Dead and White Walkers Night King reason I believe Jon Snow is because he’s here All of his advisers would have told him not to come I would’ve told him not to come.

Let’s in mind the dragonglass If he’s wrong, it’s worthless. You didn’t even know it was here. Take a step toward a more productive relationship with a possible ally Keep him occupied by the refocus on the task at hand Kosta Lee Rock a knife in the heart for his people Did you notice her? You must allow them the flights of fancy It’s dreary in the north People thought dragons were gone forever, but here they are Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know, you know, I’m not going to let Cersei stay on the Iron Throne I never expected that you would you know, I haven’t changed my mind about which kingdoms belong to that throne I haven’t either I will allow you to mine the dragon glass and forge weapons from it Any resources or men you need I will provide him so you believe me then about the knight King in the army of the Dead You better get to work John snows is it We tripped Oesterle rock That’s very good to hear. Well, my allies are gone they’ve been taken from me while I’ve been sitting here on this island still have the largest army who won’t be able to eat we Still have enough ships to carry the Dothraki to the mainland strategy has ocess dawn the Iron Islands and the reach If I’m underestimated our enemy my enemies your family you mean enough with the clever plans I Have three large dragons what kind of a cleaner my if I’m not willing to risk my life to fight them a smart one I would never war I’m losing What do you think I should do I never thought that dragons would exist again no I did The people who follow you believe that you can make other impossible things happen Build a world that’s different.

But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities You’re not different They just more of the same Another fastening my own that commander not a damn infantryman. Those fuckers are about the swamp Oh Archer Cuddling scorpion is over there go get it. Then. I can’t shoot with one hand Well Thank Allah I know what Sasi has told you I’m not here to murder and All I want to destroy is the wheel that has rolled over rich and poor I offer you a choice bend the knee and join me or refuse and Die I already have a clue when she murdered your rightful queen and destroyed house Tyrell for all time So it appears your allegiances are somewhat flexible Lived here all her life Murdered your own father And chose the support of foreign invader one with no ties to this land he will not trade your honor for your life. I Respect that Perhaps you could take the black your grace.

You cannot send me to the war You are not my queen You will have to kill me to step back and shut your mouth son of randyll Tarly You are the future of your house. This war has already wiped one great house from the world Don’t let it happen again bend the knee. I will not Nothing scrubs bold notions from a man’s head like a few weeks in the dark soon. I meant what I said I’m not here to put men in shades. You stopped the heading entire Lord randyll Tarly dick and Charlie I’d sentence you to die Dracarys a Beautiful gorgeous piece, they’re not beasts to me No matter how big they get how terrifying to everyone else They’re my children. You weren’t gone long No and And I have fewer enemies today than I did yesterday.

How many men did your army kill taking Winterfell back from the Bolton’s? Thousands, we both want to help people sometimes strength is terrible. So Davos said you took a knife in the heart few people So Davos gets carried away So it was a figure of speech Because The most important person in the world can’t fly off to the most dangerous place in the world Who else can no one can’t break the wheel if you’re dead So what would you have me do nothing if you die? We’re all lost you told me to do nothing before and I listened to you It’s time to go your grace a bit longer We can destroy them by burning them and we can destroy them with dragonglass If we don’t win this fight then that is the fate of every person It’s a long way down yeah girls keep telling me I’ll get used to it You