GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Episode 7 FEATURETTES (2017) GoT Season Finale

Blogging / Monday, April 22nd, 2019

I Think it’s an inevitability from about halfway through the season that John and Daenerys are gonna fall into bed together And for us as actors. It’s just weird the reality of And what they are to each other, I don’t know how that’s gonna. I mean, I think kind of Might be the reaction. I like looking here and going oh, God. I’m sorry.

Let’s go cat. I think they both know it’s wrong I think they both know it’s gonna cause problems But it’s that thing when you suddenly feel that deeply about someone and you go through those events together It’s like a runaway train. You can’t stop it happening father Smith Warrior To see that actually these were two people in love and that this whole thing that started off The series game of thrones Robert’s Rebellion.

It was a total lie. He’s kind of like mad and What’s Gonna be interesting is for bran? It’s like what am I gonna do with this cuz just as everything was coming together everyone was gonna join together to fight Inevitably game of thrones will tear us apart It’s dangerous for everybody involved. I’m sure it’s good for both of them in the moment But you don’t even get the relief of how beautiful it could be or should be it’s no It’s just it’s not good But it should be but it’s not It’s game of thrones. It’s a long history of romance not ending well on this show On the stage today, and I’d mean that literally we have daenerys we have sayers. We have jon Snow we have tyrion to name But a few all very much on the edge of something disastrous happening.

The mood is somber It’s you know world’s leaders uniting and disagreeing about how the world should be run it can go south very quickly and that’s Brilliant part of that the sequence because you know how quickly things can turn on this show. That’s a potential powder keg So no matter what’s happening? No matter who’s meeting who the potential for things to completely explode is always there the Dragon pit is probably one of the most essential C’s sequences in all game of Thrones Tyrion and his posse They know they’re entering a dangerous place, and you know they’re taking a risk coming here You have 60 plus hours at this point of main characters? Who you are really? Invested in and it’s enjoyable to put people together who haven’t been together before and see how they would react he should have its people becoming aware of their the smallness I think in their nature no matter how much they fight each other. There’s a bigger threat to life than just who’s on the throne You can say to anyone you know this disease is coming Until you can show them Evidence they won’t get past their own Smaller problems to fight the big problem these things build over time in that 50 70 hours to get to this point It takes 70 hours for for the story to allow this scene to happen.

There’s a momentum That’s up now which doesn’t stop so it’s that’s really exciting It’s incredible because I am the new kid on the block, and I’ve seen these guys for six seasons now Then all of a sudden being part of their scene, I think this is Gonna be one of the scenes of this season The dragonpit epitomizes the Central challenge of season seven where we have a dozen Four principal characters all in the same place many of whom haven’t seen each other since a very dramatic incident years before between them So that scene was incredibly tricky to write an incredibly tribute a film if you want to be able to service all of these characters And that was tremendously fun to plot out conflicts between people friendships between people which ones you wanted to highlight Which ones that you’re Gonna have to let fall by the wayside we have You know dozens of seems like dozens of little mini scenes, so we had to find great moments and character interactions And story for all of these characters was just so much fun to write for all these guys Together it kind of forced us to really explore what the different tonal variations were in those reunions You know it’s trying to keep an eye on what they’re all there for I mean they’re all there for a reason which is to discuss the Possibility of an alliance and whether that’s even possible with these people who have so many reasons for hating each other and so a few reasons for trusting each other Welcome my lord For poured the seat elian. I mean that guy was the most important person in the world to him He was the only person who’d give him a chance. I’m glad you’re alive There’s something very sweet in it and amongst all the big stuff the small stuff still happens as well And that’s what adds the texture of the show.

I think that stuff’s never forgotten about what’s in there Fuck off There’s a really wonderful moment where brienne spies the hound and she realizes that she has to sort of Apologize maybe Maybe for nearly killing him maybe but she also brings to him then youth that She knows he wants to hear that arya is alive and is home. Oh, that was a relief Yeah, of course and a concern is she all right just protecting earth. You’re here Anyone that needs protecting is the one that gets an old wave And then it turns out that we don’t need to worry about arya Because I have taught her everything What I love about tyrion and Bronze relationship is they know exactly who they are Tyrion prods them a little bit how much bran is doing things that have self-interested don’t you worry about me? I’m doing all right Looking after myself. Are you helping me to arrange this meeting wasn’t exactly looking after yourself was it it’s your head, Queen Cersei He’s offered a bag of gold for us not mine knocks on his tin heart a little bit Knows there’s something in there It’s good to see you again There you too If you have Cersei cink tyrion for the first time in a long time her mortal enemy So the first time they lock eyes when she walks in that’s a moment It’s really awkward.

It’s like the movie I know family reunions for everyone are very awkward, but let’s just say the lannisters are a complicated bunch she’s held him responsible for the death of her mother and The death of Joffrey and her father you know she can’t really take responsibility We’ll deal with her own grief She has to just blame everybody else, and that’s part of her pain too Lina gives me a look that I never want to see ever again. It’s yeah It very might almost flattened me I? wanted to hide Me my brother How is good I had a standoff with him which was great fun. That was great ignoring it a very serious situation Behind just go straight to him goes basically you and me Pal.

We haven’t finished You’re getting there. There’s a nonverbal four or five second thing between Cersei Jaime and Brienne That’s not even a line of dialogue. It’s just a little mini Scene of built out of looks.

It’s sort of like one of the worst things that happens to you at school. I think it’s Brienne’s idea of absolute abject hell Fighting the hound was an abject hell, but a moment of having to deal with Jaime and Cersei is The most excruciating thing that could possibly happen to Brienne She arrives with the mountain and Jaime and then let you say the the King’s gone And she’s you know pretty fierce and then she realizes that Danny isn’t here and that pisses her off obviously and Of course Danny arrives on dragon. You know I take fashion. Be late – Brand-new eyes She’s very theatrical with her entrance though It’s kind of funny that go wow she really has to show off her power, but fair enough And she tries desperately to not be impressed by that arrival when everyone else obviously as you were just standing up in all of this and then you know in walks this young beauty of a queen and she’s immediately Beyond frustrated on many levels We’ve been here for some time My apologies, and then all she gets from Danny is Apologies you know and that then drives her in the scene, and she can’t bear it We have something to show you For me being a hornet I was slightly giggling though But my very young zombie she has never ever seen Anything like this before and this is a creature that defies her. This is a creature. She doesn’t know how to Disable she doesn’t know how to kill this is something else Daenerys has seen it and she’s aware of it in its frightening But she is just watching cersei like she just needs to know that this has affected her you know she’s always had that notion of creatures like this that they don’t exist and it’s nonsense and So I think when he’s there she’s she’s back as a kid just The you know realizing everything her her grandma her nannies told her was real.

She’s staring into a face that she never thought existed For Jamie, this is like Definite proof that they have there is no choice Clearly this thing we have to deal with us in and then he believes them all he believes his brother, but he also believes Daenerys and Jon snow, and when they say that they saw 100,000 of these beings That’s where his headless You know the world could end in five minutes, but he is absolutely One point you’d focused on I have never seen this before This is amazing. I could really do this you know There’s this beat in the scene that I really love because I have a line Waked where he’s like he just seemed the white walker Just died and you realizes just the first thing he’s ever seen that terrifies him and That’s like a new emotion for him. You know oh I was I was that was an interesting feeling I’m going back to my island. You should go back to yours When winters over we’ll be the only ones left alive And it all rests her dragons death everything everything rests on Jon.

Snow just lying the crown accepts your truce In return the king in the North will extend this truce He will remain in the north where he belongs he will not take up arms against the lannisters he will not choose sides They kill a plan of action And then it all kind of falls apart with Jon’s honor again If I come on dude like it’s all you got to do just this one time just tell a fib and he can’t He just can’t like that was the bad move that was a bad choice, but thanks so much I am true to my word Or I try to be that Is why I cannot give you what you ask I? cannot serve two Queens Tyrion knowing his sisters so well Knows that that’s not Gonna. Go over well and of course it doesn’t and when jon does that the whole thing crumbles, so it’s sort of like I get it but Then there is nothing left to discuss It is so much fun With all of us all together having been isolated for so long and then suddenly boom. I’m working with everybody Was quite kind of event for me it was I loved it.

It’s lovely It’s all of us being together so we all kind of fit. Oh That was really exciting because we are all just a big happy family and that extended to after work unfortunately because we had way too much fun You know usually a like like you said and then you have one or two other actors to hang out with suddenly were like 15 10 15 at the same hotel. It was just a recipe for disaster, but it was fun though Having been so invested in the show for so long for so many years It’s just so thrilling and I was personally very excited to finally meet Daenerys and I hope for the fans that they see a satisfying Realization of what I think they will be maybe waiting for these for these worlds to be Collided those 10 days were 10 of the most enjoyable days I’ve ever spent doing this show because it’s all these people it’s having such an Excellent time just being in each other’s company. I will never forget those days and on that set they were outstanding you