Roulette Systems – Even Money

Roulette / Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

I’m gon na describe a system. Well, a so called system, isn’t really a system, I’m not sure. Well, I’ve seen it a few times on YouTube.

The people that have found it said well and tried it in Casinoslots SA. This is this. Is this great system?

It never loses, but well I’d say it can lose. You’Ve just got to be careful. It’S a it’s a it’s a sort of medium risk strategy. I’D say I call it the same color. So what we do very easy now I recommend you.

Don’T do this over and over and over you get in get out like the hit and run type type system. This I’d call this because you’re you’re getting getting your bucks and getting out because, if the longer you’re there the longer the chance is that you’ll actually lose and lose all your money, so this is a getting get out now you could, you could bet. You know. Five ten dollar units recommended, more so at the actual casino rather than online, because the online can pick up your patterns and then give you a hard time and you never you’ll, never win or come on top will be very hard to I mean it will work, But you just just speak just be cautious if you’re doing it online. Okay, now had one spin here now, I’m using the net bet, it’s very fast, just to show you and starting at 5,000 euro and the last spun number was a red, so we’re just looking at colors on this one, it very easy, either red or black you’re.

Putting your units on so we’re gon na go both multiples of five this time now, whatever the last bit is you’re going to use the same color. So if the last bit was red, we’re going to bet red now, if we lose, we double up and if we win, we go back to one unit. So it’s a very standard system, martingale type system, but I’m just showing you this because I’m just showing you, you know what’s out there and you can make money through this one.

But again I just win three or four times. Maybe take a break, come back and then see how your luck goes again, because what can undo this system is a continual red black red black red black red black, and if that keeps going well, then – and you keep doubling up you’re gon na, lose everything. So again, very cautious, but we’re just showing you this this one very quickly: okay, so it’s red! So let’s put five on red.

Do a quick spin! We lost okay, we lost that one. So now we’re going to double up put $ 10 on the next. The next bit and it’s gon na be on black, because the last the last color span was black. We lost again so there’s a pattern emerging now now you might want to. You might want to choose that.

You want to wait for a string of red black red black before you try this. So that’s a good tactic as well. Now we lost that.

So we’ve got a bit now $ 20 on the red. We won that, so we won that we won’t only back plus five, because their original base bet was $ 5. So let’s keep going we’re gon na go on a red, again lost double up on the black. You won.

Let’S go again five on black. We won again put it up to 15, so I’d go one more turn. We won I’d, keep it at that four or five wins.

Then bang get out of there because let’s keep going and see what happens, because I’m sure there’s gon na be a string of a red black red black red black, two or whoo-hoo-hoo like who knows how long? Well, let’s, let’s see how far we can go just for the exercise so right away we’re up to 20 bucks 40 already, we’ve got it back, but we’re starting to notice the patterns are coming in. So I’d be very cautious here same bit same bit, same color was spying, the last one 10 on black 20 on red up to 40.

Already on black, we got that back double up lost 21, so I’ve got our 50 bucks. But again it’s a high risk. You know I bet bet at your own risk, I’m suggesting this isn’t the best strategy to use system. I have a much better version to this. That’S a bit more of a safeguard where you’re looking at patterns in the either the black and red, or you can use other even type bets like high and low, and even an odd.

So this this principle applies. You can do it red black, which we’re doing, but you can also do it for even odd low and high in this instance you. So this is an example of this. This type of simple, simple system that medium risk medium to high just be cautious.

I would do it after a string of perhaps patterns of three three patterns of red, black red black red black or the opposite: black red, black red black red and then the same color. Then I would start betting from then on now, zero. Of course, you just disregard the zero and you have to double up because you lost that bit. Okay, so there we go so again, like I said, I’m going to show you another variation of this, a bit more of a safeguard and also another one, that’s similar, but it combines the two strategies to make it an even stronger strategy. So you can win a lot more quicker. Okay, thanks for watching and we’ll be back with many more systems and videos of what’s out there and what we have come up with.